Sunday, September 5, 2010

HAPPY 1st Birthday SWEET BABY!!!!

We had a WONDERFUL day celebrating Ryder's 1st birthday. Thanks to everyone that could make it to his party. He gave us a birthday present----he started crawling on his hands and knees!!!!!!!! His 1st crawling ever was to great Aunt Penny (she always has a way with the little ones;) He's also started pulling himself up on the couch and taking several steps along the edge recently! I will post pictures soon. He tore into the cake that Auntie Jen made him---wait til you see this cake --it was AMAZING and he LOVED it!!!! Thanks Auntie! My friend Jocelynn made a super tastey cake for all of us----THANK YOU JOCELYNN!!!! If anyone is ever interested in ordering beautiful/yummy cakes check out her site --search: Wicked Good Cake Company (Yep she is a back east gal too--well my fam at least:) We loved seeing all our family and friends to celebrate. I was sooooo excited that my old and dear (she's not actually old-haha) elementary school/highschool friend Suzanne and her adorable girl Eva came:) Mom stayed to help clean up---thx-we are soooo tired and are ready to relax. We needed a day like this to be happy and forget about our worries for awhile:) Lots of love to our supporters!