Friday, May 4, 2012

Back in the Hospital

Ryder had a lumbar puncture on Wednesday. Yesterday he was so miserable and rolling around in pain. I though it may be a GI issue along with being sore and a possible headache. However, he started vomiting around 11pm last night and continued all morning. He has nothing in his tummy, so is just throwing up bile. He is now admitted in the hospital to get the vomiting under control and help keep him hydrated. The doctors are telling me it is unrelated to the lumbar puncture, it's just a really bad stomach flu. It is just so strange that he got it right after his LP?! He was just given some Morphine and more Zofran. He hasn't slept more than 15 minutes at a time for the last few days:( I'm hoping he'll fall asleep soon!

 The ER doctor gave me such a rough time this morning. They wanted to give him a tablet of Zofran that dissolved in his mouth. I told them he needed an IV started because he was throwing up bile and was dehydrated and zofran through IV would work better for him. But they tried the tablet anyway and he immediately threw it up. The nurse came back with ANOTHER tablet! I said it was ridiculous to give him another pill and I wanted an IV started. The nurse said the doctor wanted to try one more time by mouth (which still doesn't make since to me) and he gave him the pill. Again, he threw up right away. That ticked me off since I said I didn't want him to have another pill!!!!! Anyways, the nurse went back and told the doctor. When the nurse came back into the room he said "well I guess we get our way now and we can start an IV!" To say the least, I am not impressed with the ER doctor at all!!! It is really nice up on the floor though and the staff is wonderful. I’m hoping we will be home tomorrow, it Ryder can hold some food down by then.