Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness in Ryder's Honor


Ry's smile and heart of gold are FOREVER in our hearts and on our minds.  He is a blessing and reminder to make each day count.  As a "random act of kindness", please join us today and everyday spreading smiles and love throughout your community in Ryder's memory!

Share your experience of kindness by sending a picture or writing a comment on Ry's Facebook page!  Did you find/experience a random act?  Did you participate in creating a random act?  Let us know on Forever My Angel: Precious Memories of Ryder Cash Hauer


Montana Mountain run September 29, 2012
Copperstate Fourwheelers is hosting a benefit trail 
ride on Saturday, September 29th on the Montana 
Mountain trail near Superior, Az.  The meeting location 
is the Desert Rat Truck and Offroad center at 
4453 S. Rural Rd in Tempe, south of the US 60 at 7AM; 
we will be departing for the trail at 9AM. There are 
no fees for participating in the trail ride. This is 
important for people to know given some rules regarding 
special events being held on the Tonto National Forest. 

An off-road vehicle is not required however a 2wd 
vehicle in good running order with medium to high ground clearance is needed. 
For example, minivans and lower passenger car type vehicles are not recommended. 
Licensed and street legal side by sides, ATVs, motorcycles, and other off-road 
vehicles are certainly welcome. 

Participants should bring something for lunch. There is a big area on the top of 
Montana Mountain that is a nice place to stop for lunch. Also bring plenty of water, 
sunscreen, and cameras. This is a nice and scenic trail with plenty to see. I anticipate 
the trail ride itself will take 3 hours not including travel time from Desert Rat 
(approx 45 mins).
Here's an old thread about Montana Mountain: 

Optional hike too...

On Saturday, September the 29th, there will be an optional trail adventure for those 
who are unable to drive Montana Mountain with us.  Jen Mullen will be leading 
an optional trail hike to Lost Goldmine Trail/Hieroglyphic Canyon.  You are welcome 
to go as far or not so far as you like.  It is not a structured hike.  It's considered 
a "one-way" hike, but there will not be arranged transportation at the end.  You are 
responsible for judging how far you want to go, keeping in mind you have to hike back!  

The meeting time and location at Desert Rat remain unchanged.  Departure for this 
trail hike is between 9:15 and 9:30AM.  You can find information about this trail by 
looking here: 

Whether participating in the trail ride or the hike, EVERYONE should 
bring water!!!  It's BYOW!! :) This event will be held outside and we do 
live in the desert!

There are 4 ways in which people can donate to the Hauer family:

1) An account is open in Ryder's name at Wells Fargo...
     you can donate at any branch! This account will be 
     open until Friday, October 5, 2012

2) Of course you can make donations the day 

     of the event. Cash or Check will be accepted

3) You can contribute by buying Ryder's Run stickers 

4) AND through the silent auction being held the day 
    of the event from 7AM - 830AM.  All of these donated items are AWESOME!!  
You must be present to bid and you'll be able to take home your item as the auction 
closes promptly at 8:30am.  There is definitely something for everyone so bring your 
cash and/or checkbook and Don't Miss Out!

Please visit http://www.copperstate4wheelers.com/ for a full list of silent auction 
items available, or any other questions you may have about Ryder's Run!


Benefit Yard Sale September 21-22, 2012

Raising Money for Ryder: Benefit Yard Sale inspired by Brianne: 

Oasis @ Magic Ranch (off of Hunt Hwy in the Queen Creek/Florence area) 
starts at 7am 
6787 E Lush Vista View.
Multi-family Sale: clothes, baby items, electronics, furniture...

Brianne and her friends will be selling concessions (donated by Safeway). They will be 
raffling off free salon services, quilts.... 

Currently we have flyers along with donation jars at all the small businesses at the 
Safeway shopping center at Anthem @ Merrill Ranch off Hunt Hwy! We are SOOOO
excited! We would love to see you!


Zumba @ Spectrum Fitness August 29, 2012

Do you have plans this Wednesday the 29th? Well, now you do! Please join us for 
Zumba at 7pm at Spectrum Fitness and Wellness Center.

$4.00 gets you in for a full hour of fun Zumba with the awesome Lisa.  

Lisa will be donating all the cover charge of $4.00 per person to the Hauer family 
who just lost their 2 year old son to a rare disease. Spectrum is going to match the 
money raised also!!! 



Support the Journey Walkathon September 17, 2011

How many of us wake up every day wanting to make a difference but never take a step toward that goal?

The “Support the Journey” Walkathon will benefit a very special family in a time of need. The Hauer’s are a family dedicated to helping others. They have been faced with many challenges in life, none greater than raising a child with Leukodystrophy. Their son Ryder was diagnosed in 2010 and immediately had an impact on their lives. Although the Hauer’s lost their house, their vehicle, and even medical insurance coverage, they never lost hope!! To learn more about Ryder’s Journey, please visit rydersjourney2009.blogspot.com
This is a time where family and friends matter most, and it has always been the Hauer’s position to “pay it forward” when they are in a position to do someday. Put on a Blue Shirt and join us in supporting their very special Journey of Life.

What: Support the Journey Walkathon
When: September 17, 2011
Time: Registration begins at 7:00am – the walkathon starts at 7:30am
Where: Chandler Fashion Mall – Registration will be in the food court
Date to register by: September 3rd
Contact: Renee Rosner 480-510-5219 or email: rlnap@hotmail.com to provide names of all participants planning to walk in this event.
For those participating in the Chicago Virtual Walk, please contact Cassidy Anderson cassidy_anderson@hotmail.com
Donations: Registration for the event is a minimal of $10.00 donation.
Please register all donations to:
Bank: Chase
Account Name; Support the Journey
Account #: 980796254

All participants will receive a raffle ticket and complimentary refreshments.
We truly appreciate your support and look forward to making a difference together!!