Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Medical record updates

Quick update ( I'm not feeling well so I'll give more detail later)

I received the hospital records that I requested from last week. (So happy I request records--I get info much sooner!!!)Ryder got his 2nd MRI last Tues. (that I scheduled since we were already in the hospital). After reading the records, it appears that there has been no change in his white brain matter! Of course a doctor hasn't told me this yet---but I feel like I could be his doctor at times.... This is what I was hoping for. That means this form of luekodystrophy will progress slowly (from what I've researched at least).

I'll update about his EEG when I'm feeling better. As for now- Ryder just got 1 molar in and is cutting another one--needless to say it hasn't been pleasant for the last few days!