Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Clarification from Rock Bottom Part 1 & 2

I just wanted to write a quick clarifying post because I've gotten several questions and comments. I am not addicted to pills like Xanax or Ambien. I was prescribed them after Ry passed away. I very rarely (maybe a handful of times over 2 years) took these prescriptions. That is why I had the amount I had to OD on. Also I have been drinking a lot as I mentioned, but as I have learned there is a big difference between having a physical addiction to alcohol and an emotional addiction---both not healthy for sure nor is one better than the other! I never had a physical addiction so I didn't go through with-drawl. EMDR really got rid of the traumatic images I was having so I haven't felt that need/desire to numb myself and sleep. I've been a little moody, but hey, I don't expect to be peachy keen after all this right away :) I really appreciate the outpouring of love we have received after my last few blogs. I felt it was an important subject to be honest and open about because many people struggle with depression and mental health, yet it seems very taboo to discuss. I want others to know they are not alone. I also want my friends/readers who have lost a child to know that grief is such a bumpy, often times lonely road and can quickly feel unbearable. Parents who have a special needs child or caregivers are more prone to depression. There really is help out there. If you ever feel helpless, reach out to someone you trust. You are not alone!! Much love to all of you!!!