Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Miracles on the journey

We received exciting news on Friday! Les took Ryder to the first part of his extensive hearing test (1 of 2). They discovered that Ryder does not have a hearing loss after all (after 2 failed tests)!!!! The test on Monday where they were supposed to put him under was canceled. This was the best news in a long time. Les and I have been taking the boys to church for the past several weeks. Les made a comment that I thought was really sweet. He feels that he hasn't been getting much out of the services, but he also said since we have been going to church a lot of good things have been happening to our family and he can't discount that. I couldn't agree more (but I do get a lot from the services:)The boys have been so happy and have been talking about God a lot. That makes it all worthwhile. I believe in miracles and I know Ryder, as well as the rest of us, have a purpose here on earth. We continue to be so blessed. That is a big statement from the beginning of my blog if you have been following. It really has been quite the journey so far, but I feel we are on the right path and where God is leading us to be:)