Monday, May 5, 2014

Recreating myself and want to write again :)

I haven't posted in a long, long time. I haven't felt the inspiration to write since Ryder died. My life is being recreated... I'm a different person. I have a new purpose that keeps my heart beating. There is so much drama and meaningless problems in life that I'm trying to process through. is simply beautiful. Everyday, all I can ask for is a positive meaning, something beautiful that happened and something I did to contribute to make it a good day. This day, I hugged my boys, told them how much I loved them, hugged my hubby and appreciated him, reached out to a Mama in need and educated her on her rights, and treated myself to some much needed down time. It seems simple to me. I can do more...give more! I have so much in my heart to share and give! Yet, I feel so very alone. I love to write, to share Ryder's story, to educate, do crafts, be in nature, take photos and sleep :) I know I am important. I am making a difference. I am loved. I am Gods daughter. I pray to live my purpose in life and feel the comfort of the Lord and my family and friends to get through this life, until I am reunited with Ryder. My words don't flow as eloquently as they used to...hoping to get my groove back some day :)This post is me attempting to get back out there! I want to write again,but don't have a topic! Any ideas?