Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Short update

I got a new toy for my birthday. My mom bought me the Dragon program for my computer. All I have to do is talk so it dictates everything I say. It's going to make keeping this blog updated much faster and easier! There's not too much to update right now. Les took Ryder to the CRS clinic yesterday. He recorded the session so I knew what was going on. It was funny listening to it. Les of course, is the typical guy. Questions like how old is Ryder's mom, Les answered 30... Ha ha only four years off. It made me smile though. It was just an evaluation meeting, so nothing much to report. I brought Ryder to a pediatric surgeon today. He is still at 24.4 pounds and 33 inches long. He was so happy today. He has been walking a lot. The last few days he has been unbalanced and gotten a few bruises on his head. I hope this will pass soon. The doctor and I agreed upon a Mic-Key tube. I will be getting a call soon to set up that appointment. I'm happy that I don't have to keep on putting in the NG tube. Poor baby.

Noah went to the urologist on Friday. Good news, it doesn't seem that he had Addison's disease. Bad news, he has an outpatient surgery this Friday to enlarge the hole on his penis. Ouch!!! Poor guy! A friend of mine has a son that went through the same thing. She said it's not too bad. I hope not!

My friend has been working up a wonderful fundraiser for Ryder and our family. I will get information out to you soon. For now, if you live in Arizona or Chicago, please save the date of September 17, 2011. I am so excited and feel blessed to have such wonderful friends and support in our lives.

This post only took me about 4 min.!!! I will update more frequently and soon! Thanks mom, for the awesome gift!