Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slowly, but surely:)

Wow-- I am SOOO much busier now than I was when I was working---which was BUSY already;) I LOVE being at home with 2 (out of 3) of my very favorite boys:)

What we are looking at---
Ryder has a speech/oral motor evaluation tomorrow

Fundraising--thanks to Holly (Tupperware) through schools going on until the 22nd of Oct. (contact me if you want info) 50% of proceeds go towards Ryder's medical expense!!!!!!

Feeding/swallowing evaluation (approved by insurance--date pending) at Cardon's Children's Hospital

Vision Therapist--evaluation on Thursday

PT (Physical Therapy) Oct.4

EEG- Oct.6th

Genetics Specialist-Oct 22

Barrows--still pending

-----Those are Ryder's appointments so far......Ty is in Karate, Chess and Hip Hop and Noah is in Karate & I'm teaching him at home. Les and I are on a softball league on Sundays (lots of fun!!!).
We are down to 1 vehicle for 2 more weeks--so lots of driving/biking around!

Happy News--- Ryder continues to make some gains--he is crawling a lot more! I called neuro's office about results. One has come in--adrenal leukodystrophy is ruled out (we---ped, nuero and myself didn't think it was this) I will be able to sleep soundly after the next 2 come in (Krabbe and another luekodystrophy--forget name) come in--most worried about those. Ryder continues to be happy and such a blessing to our family!!! Can he be more adorable---really???!!!!! We have had a tremendous out pour of help for food (THANK YOU SOUSA FAMILY), clothes, toys, prayers and love!!! We are good now on clothes and toys (THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!to Erica, Rachel, Claudia, and Renee) What we could use----Continued Prayers, phone calls, comments, EASY, CHEAP recipe's for me (Denise) to cook---most of you know my level of cooking skills---again I stress EASY!!!!!

Concerns-- I'm worried about how much Ryder is sleeping. He is only awake an average of 7 to 10 hours a day. He isn't drinking very much. I switch between formula, water, pedialite, juice---he just doesn't want to drink much throughout the day. He is averaging about 8-9 oz. He isn't having many wet diapers so I'm worried about dehydration. I'm trying to give him watery foods at least--but he's being very picky (might be textures??-not sure yet). He still won't eat anything green--so funny!!!

Random-- So---Les and I went through the bankruptcy court yesterday (never thought we'd be here;(--but it's life I guess) We decided per our attorney's advice to stop the short sale process and foreclose on our house. A HUGE burden was lifted by the fact that the forecloser can't go through for another 120 days and then once the process starts we'll have another 90 days to find a place. That means at least another 5 months in this house. We will be paying medical expenses instead of mortgage. (Soooo happy my Mom is an accountant:/ & can help out with budget!!!) This is hard for us to admit and come to terms with since we have always been hardworking and responsible people--but who would have ever prepared for this??? Even though it has been tough-- I am appreciating my new outlook on life!!! I really don't care about "things" like I did before. Its kinda fun finding ways to save money and even be more creative in finding ways to help others out. I have special gifts/talents that I'm blessed with and so does everyone else! It's awesome to trade these talents/blessings and help everyone we can at the same time:)
I (Denise) have been to 4 doctors in the last couple of days preparing to lose my insurance. I've gained a lot of insight to my own health--luckily. I am increasing the dosage of hormones (since my hysterectomy) to a level that my body should be producing at my age. The doc says I should have more energy and less hot flashes with the switch---yay:) Since I have had a lot of health issues the past few years, we decided to add myself to Les' insurance (less income coming home--but will be worth it in the long run)

That's everything for today---thanks for following Ryder's journey!!!!

Lots of Love and gratitude,
The Hauer's