Sunday, October 17, 2010

nothing much, just checking in!

Ryder's first popsicle-- he wasn't impressed:)

But it was fun to paint with.....

but was over that quick!

Not to much to update yet...just wanted to check in for those of you following! We were able to take a much needed 3 day get away to Flagstaff and stay at Les' Uncles place there. The weather was perfect and we had some quality family time (I didn't even answer my cell when the doctors called!)

Ryder has been very grumpy the last few days and continues to sleep most of the day/night away. I brought him to see is pediatrician for a follow up visit from his recent ear infections. She said he looked good. His temp. at the doctors was 99.4, which is slightly high for him--but I wasn't concerned. However, when we got home he went down for a nap and slept until about 4:00. A friend came over for a visit (luckily), because when Ryder did wake up he had a fever and his body was "jerking" like I've never seen before. Les was mountain biking (and had our only vehicle) so I was so glad Carrie was with me! The "jerking" didn't seem like chills from a fever and they didn't seem like convulsions from a seizure. Anyways, I called the doctors after hours line. I ended up just giving him Tylenol and tried to bring down his fever. He did drink almost 15 oz. very quickly of pedialyte which was great!!! He slept most of the night and was still cranky when he woke up, but didn't seem to have a fever anymore. He is acting like he is getting his molars (not eating hard foods and slight fever). I just have no idea what the muscle jerking was???

This Thursday we have an appointment with the genetic specialist. We also have PT and have been working on getting him into Barrow's instead of the neuro at Banner Desert. I am just not impressed with them at all.

That's all thats been going on. It's nice to have things slow down for a few days at least:)