Sunday, October 3, 2010

Skipped last week....redo this week

Ryder was sick last week so I canceled and rescheduled lots of appointments. His fever was 103.8 on Wednesday. I called the doctor and she said to watch him close for 24 hours and keep him hydrated. By Thursday his temp was down to 102.3 so I called the doctor and we decided to watch him one more day (he was sleeping soooo much, thought he was on the mend). Friday his fever was still 102 so I brought him to the doctor before the weekend. Poor little guy had a double ear infection. One of his ear drums burst (3x now!!!), but he had such a huge build up of wax and pus that I didn't notice any fluid leaking out. The doctor said she hasn't ever seen that much ear gunk in anyone--yuck! I couldn't see anything since it was so deep down. He also had puss pockets in the back of his throat and was very dehydrated (lots of diarrhea and wouldn't drink/eat for me). The doctor gave me 24 hours to hydrate him or I would have had to bring him in for an IV. Luckily, we were able to syringe enough liquids down him so that he had 3 wet diapers. He has been sleeping almost all day and night since Wednesday. He's on antibiotics and Tylenol. Seems to be in better spirits so I'm hoping for a better week. Lots to do w/PT, EEG, vision therapist eval this week.