Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quick update

quick update:

We are in the process of moving into my Mom's house. We got a knock on the door 12 days ago saying we needed to be out of our house in 2 weeks! We have been busy and only have 2 days left to have the house cleaned out! We've sold almost everything and only are bringing the necessities to my Moms. We'll be here for awhile. Our plan right now is for me to complete the nursing program (16mos.) I should be excepted into the program this next semester. It was 1 1/2 yr waiting list. After that we plan on moving to Alaska. It will be a fresh start for us and we'll be closer to Les' family:)

I just got Ryder's 2nd liver enzyme test back today and they are still elevated. They are even more elevated than a few months ago--which is not good news. We need to go to a GI doctor next.

I have been hassling w/insurance company and they refuse to pay for genetic testing still. I understand their reasoning, but it still stinks! A close family friend just gave us a lot of money. On top of that, another friend raised money through a Tupperware fundraiser for us. I am most likely going to use this money and pay for the test out of pocket. I'm going back and forth with this though right now. It's a lot of money and would only rule out 1 form of luekodystrophy. On the other hand, 2 doctors have recommended this test and I feel this is the closest diagnosis it could be. Determining the diagnosis won't change the outcome, but research is being done on this particular form now. Any suggestions/ ideas? I wonder is I can contact congress for these tests to be paid for? It's worth a try---maybe do that tomorrow:)

Well back to unpacking!!! More updates later:)