Sunday, December 26, 2010

Recent update-been awhile!

Sorry it has been so long since the last update! We are still adjusting and unpacking since the move:) It has been working out pretty nicely since moving in with my Mom. It's crowded and the boys are having a hard time falling asleep with all the commotion and new enviroment, but overall, we are happy and lucky to be here;) Besides the fact that I almost set a fire the 2nd week of living here cooking dinner (ugh), Mom seems okay with us being here too!
We have been so very blessed this Christmas!!! The boys had the best Christmas ever!!! We are so very grateful to the many friends and family that made our holidays extra merry:) I want to give a huge thanks to The Toybox (Santa), The Breast Cancer Society Inc. Jason & family, The Bunco Babes, Kate & family, Cassidy, Grandma, Auntie Jen & Mike, Gramma & Grandpa in AK, and Rachel (old friend from Seton who collected a lot for us:) Auntie Jen had us over for an amazing brunch then we had a yummy dinner with family (and Carrie/Bill & kids who are part of our family:)
All the boys were absolutely spoiled this year!!!!! Highlight presents include Ty: Fur Real puppy, Noah: Criss Cross Crash, Ryder: 1st Harley Davidson motorcycle and all the boys got 2 awesome train sets that they are enjoying:) We were delighted to see the boys so happy and appreciative:)
My favorite gift this year arrived on Wednesday night. Dr. Hopsin called me from Delaware (From PMD foundation) He told me that the lab his wife is director of will most likely pick up the cost of Ryder's testing, but if they don't, he and his wife will personally pick up the cost:)!!!!!!! I have been on cloud nine since this news:)
I sent an article to all the congresspeople, news, newspapers, and every organization I could think of for help. I've also sent a message to carpet places for possible donations. My Mom has concrete flooring throughout most her house and Ryder is having a hard time trying to balance and getting lots of bruises on his head in the process!
We got a response from Gov. Jan Brewer who is willing to help with AHCCCS (still trying to get) and Baker Bros possibly helping with carpeting.
Ryder was picked up by DDD. He will be receiving physical therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy and DSI therapy in-home. He is in the process of qualifying for long term health care, respite and SSI. It has been a long process with a lot of paperwork and phone calls!
Upcoming appointments include: Tuesday (12/28) Dr. Jones-15mo check up and follow up on ear infection, Feb. GI appointment and Feb 28th Dr Bodensteiner-neuro appointment. I'll call tomorrow to get testing ordered for PMD/gentetic screening that the researchers in Delaware will pay for.

Ryder has been getting all of his molars in at the same time!!! He has been up and down fussy, restless, sleepy and happy all mixed up:) He seems to be eating pretty well lately and definently has a sweet tooth! He has gained 1 lb 8 oz in the last 2 months. He is cruising the couch and attempting to balance a little more each day. He is saying ah,ah and pointing alot. He will sometimes imitate dada, baba and mama, but not purposefully. He is sooo very adorable and amazing. I love spending every day with him:)
Ryder's 1st Harley! Great for balancing practice:)
ASU baby on his pet pillow
My sissy's funny present reminding me to use baking soda for grease fires--that I recently set!

Opening Ryder's stocking--we can never have enough binkies!!!!