Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Latest results

The 3rd and final PMD test came back normal! On to the next leukodystrophy.....Each time I hear results I have such mixed emotions. Actually, I've been an emotional wreck the past 2 days!!! I've broke down crying during his therapy sessions. For some reason he has had a very difficult last few days. He has been unbalanced and falling a lot. His nystagmus is very apparent and his tremors where obvious. He has been choking a lot on his food as well. I think there is a place in the back of my mind watching for signs of the "regression" to start (characteristic in leukodystrophy.) It's a horrible thought and feeling to have, but when I watch him struggle so much like the past few days, I find myself wondering if this is it.

Ryder got his pediatric walker yesterday--I've never seen anything so little! I'll post a picture soon. He's doing well with it so far. He is working on how to turn with it now.

He continues to think he is 2 and give major attitude! Soooo funny (little stinker!) He is still my cuddle bug though:)

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and he will get his strength and steadiness back.