Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Up-Lifting News:)

Some up-lifting news---Ryder has been doing awesome the past 3 days!!! He has stood up w/o support a few times and taken several steps. He has eaten Cheerios's and some meat without choking!  He seems to be having a full conversation (of babbling) with us lately:) It is so odd to watch his ups and downs. I am sure glad he is having an up week though:)

I finally brought myself to watch Lorenzo's Oil. (True story of a boy with ADL). If you are interested--watch this movie. Heads up---the boy lived until he was 30 due to parents persistent fight!  It is sad at times, but educational too. (To hard for me to watch movies about kids who suffer so I had to give away the ending for you!). Anyways, this movie gave me hope. I know it is right for me to go to nursing school. I think I will learn a lot to help Ryder and other kids. I also think I'll meet more doctors that can help as well! This movie is kind of like Rainman for people affected by autism. It is 1 story, but leukodystrophy has a wide array of symptoms. Each case is not the same. Ryder's leukodystrophy is not ADL and doesn't seem to be quickly progressing!

Daddy decided to give the boys a summer haircut. Ryder didn't sit still so Les ended up shaving his whole head!!! He looks sooo different! I think Les was jealous of all the hair, so he shaved all their heads to match his--hahaha!!! I gave Ryder a tattoo to match the new look:) I will attempt to add a picture:)