Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On top of it!

Ryder's sick....again:( I think we caught it early enough this time though. It seems like this illness is running the same course as the one about 3 weeks ago. He's been cranky, not sleeping at night, coughing, not wanting to eat and vomiting (even his tube feedings). At least I'm home and able to snuggle with him for the next month since I'm on break from school:) I brought him to the ortho to get moldings for his first pair of SMO's (braces for legs/ankles). He never regained his walking skills fully since his last illness, but today he was only taking a few steps before falling over :( It breaks my heart watching him struggle. He wants to eat and he wants to run around with his brothers. He has another barium swallow test in a few weeks. He has been coughing on nectar thick liquids. I'm worried he will have his liquids thickened even more. He barely will drink nectar thick! These last few weeks Uncle Paul (from Idaho) and Grandma (from Alaska) came to visit us. It was so nice seeing them. We love our family:) I'll be able to keep everyone more updated--for a month at least!