Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ryder's update

I took Ryder to the Ped. Specialist today & felt like we got a lot accomplished:) Ryder will be getting a specialized carseat, wheelchair & Walker. He hasn't been able to walk w/out holding my hand or being very unbalanced since the hospital stay--but still hoping it will come back to him. They offered a special seat for the tub, but don't feel he needs that quite yet. He continues to gain weight--yay--26.7 lbs:) Not so good news-- he is becoming hypertonic (he used to be very floppy, but is getting stiff:( ) We've noticed several absent sezuires again so he will get another EEG. LP results haven't come back yet, but will keep everyone posted:) We are also getting both the other boys counseling because it has been hard on them as well:( I'm LOVING my time w/ my favorite boys before blk 3 of nursing school starts!!! Why can't I just be super rich, spend time with my favorite boys & peeps, and volunteer my time/talents??!! That would just be super;) I changed my clinicals to PCH instead of Cardons for Block 3. Our visit to Cardons was horrible. I really liked the rooms and 3/7 nurses, but didn't like any doctor there. They treated me (in my opinion) like I had no clue and after a few days was able to get ahold of Ryder's neurologist (who is an angel here on Earth!!!) He was able to talk to the Cardon's doctors and get Ry the help he needed.Some nurses acted like they never saw a GI Tube!!! I had to tell one nurse to give Ryder tylenol through his GI tube instead of rectully!!!! After Ryder's O2 SATS dropped to 87% I refused morphine for him. I know it suppresses respritory function--but that is extreme!! I'm also sad that the 1st time earlier that day when he got morphine, the nurse didn't watch his pulse ox!!! I felt uncomofortable with him having morphine at all, tylenol seemed to be okay. I need to learn to trust my gut more then I do when it comes to Ryder! Lesson learned though;)