Monday, October 22, 2012

Can I please resign?

Was I that eager angel Lord, stepping up for the special job? To birth pure love and bare the sorrow that would too shortly unfolded?

Was I feeling strong enough to fulfill a purpose here? Did I want to spread the word? To bring your sons and daughters near and guide them to your arms?

Did I ask to bare the cross and open up other’s eyes? To show them how to carry on with you always by my side?

If I was that eager angel Lord that came here to fulfill this job, I’m not feeling strong anymore, even with your powerful love.

I wish to resign my Lord and have my baby back. I promise to fulfill this plan another way. It’s too much for my heart.

I can’t stop remembering or stopping the tears that flow. I can’t focus only on the good that my baby taught us so.

I felt his pain and wiped his tears, so many that did flow. I cradled him and held him close trying to protect him from the unknown.

He’s gone now Lord, back in Heaven with you, where I dearly long to be. I need him in my arms once more to mend my broken heart and think again clearly.

I feel you all along the way Lord. I pray each day for you to hold me and my family in your embrace. But as much as I love you Lord and want to do your will, I think I took too much on as that eager angel.

Can I please resign?