Thursday, August 21, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness in memory of Ryder

"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots spring up and make new trees." -Amelia Earhart

We have been doing Random Acts of Kindness in memory of Ryder for the month of August. Tomorrow marks 2 years since Ryder flew home to be with Jesus. We miss him incredibly! It's been a rocky journey of grief these past few years (especially this past month). Instead of focusing on my heartache I am trying to focus on the joy that Ryder brought into our lives. He was such a special little boy with the sweetest demeanor!

We have decided to keep Random Acts of Kindness going all year long. What could be a better way to remember our Bubba than spreading love and kindness to brighten someone else's day like he did ours?

I made cards that I pass out when I can. I have had requests to send others these cards as well so that they can participate in Random Act's of Kindness in Ryder's memory. If you'd like cards message me your address and how many you'd like and I'd be happy to send some to you! 500 have already been passed out!!!! I just ordered 1000 more. Imagine all the smiles in Ryder's memory!!!

I don't have much money, but acts of kindness don't need to be about spending money. However, since August is a month we celebrate Ry's life (of course we do every month...but you know what I mean)I cashed in my coins to use that money on other's to brighten their day. I think I'll make that a tradition in August :) This year I had a whopping $44.87 to spend!

What we've done so far:

-picked up litter in the park
-made a photo album for a friend whose son passed away
-entered another friend whose going through a difficult time into a contest for a free art sketch (will find out if she wins tomorrow!)
-Sat with and listened to people in the hospital who really needed a friend
-donated books to the hospital library that I had already read
-reached out to a friend who is struggling with depression

Other acts I've done or will be doing in the near future:

-print out extra coupons when I go to the store to share with others
-tape a bag of popcorn to a Redbox for someone to enjoy
-tape a quarter on parking meters
-Les is passing out 200 free cookies to high school student's tomorrow with a RAK card. A HUGE shout out and thanks to Coconino High School culinary program for donating the cookies!!!
-Sending a small special gift to a friend (don't want to ruin the surprise lol)
-give someone flowers just because (I'm giving them to someone I don't know)
-bring cookies to the local fire department
-let someone know you are thinking about them
-volunteer (I'm volunteering at the local Humane Society....but there are soooooo many places that could use volunteers!)
-make care packets to keep in the car to pass out when I see someone in need (I did this in the winter and included water bottle, small snack, hand warmers,chap stick and kleenex)

RAK people have recently done for me:
- sent a thinking of you card
- sent a book
- sent meditation CD's

These are just a few ideas. I'd love to hear your ideas too!!! Also if you have found this blog because of a random act of kindness I'd be grateful if you shared where you are (these cards have been passed around the USA!) and what the act of kindness was :)