Thursday, September 16, 2010


so much for going to bed early!! I am EXTREMELY POed right now!!!!!!!!!!! Got a requested copy of Ryder's medical records from neuro's office and just read through it before I laid down. I found A LOT of errors in the ordered blood test from Sonoran Lab---both times I took him (they called informing me they made a mistake the first time) Some errors were typo's--wrong spelling of last name on patient ID. The errors I'm concerned about are that several test reported that he was NOT fasting--which in fact he was as we were told to do. A lot of results came back w/deficiencies or higher than normal levels. Other reports say U (does this mean unsure?) for fasting when he wasn't fasting. I am concerned that these errors really threw off the results!!!!!!! If I have to take my poor little guy to get even more blood drawn I will be having a bawling fit for everyone----AAAARRRRRR (of course not in front of Ryder;)

Nurse friends----can this mistake throw off accurate results????? Sooo glad I requested reports:) I have actually been given a hard time about getting these reports--when I know it's my right to have them!!!

k--good night for real this time--I have another long day tomorrow it looks like;)