Thursday, September 16, 2010

On to the next test and my discovery today

I'm soooo tired today so I'll try to write a quick update....

First of all--THANKS for all the comments on yesterdays post!!! I had a rough day watching Ryder go through those tests and needed to do a little soul- searching last night;) I am feeling better today and your comments helped and made me feel that I'm not alone in this (I know we aren't, but sometimes I just feel helpless and need to bounce around some thoughts)--we've got amazing support!

So today I was feeding Ryder breakfast. He was happy and playful, imitating my actions/noises. Out of the blue he stopped and looked like he was staring off into space. About 10-15 seconds and he was cheerful again. The same episode happened about 3 min. later. I started clapping, calling him and waving my hands in front of his face to gain his attention, but nothing! Right then it clicked and a lot of pieces seemed to fit for me. As a teacher, I've had several students in the past who have silent seizures (don't know how to spell but its like petit-mal seizure. I was shown what to watch for and noticed them easily in other kids---but realized this has been happening to Ryder for as long as I can remember. I always made comments to Les that I was worried about his unemotional gazes that seemed to occur a lot throughout the day. He also sleeps A LOT for his age. I wonder if it's due to these seizures??

I called the Ped and Neuro. The Ped nurse called me right away. I brought Ryder for his 1 year shots today and talked to Dr. Jones (Ped) about everything. Haven't talked to neuro yet...
Dr. Jones office called Banner Desert to set up an EEG. She told me that if I haven't heard from someone by Monday to call her. With the way appointments/scheduling is going--I need to add Banner Desert to speed dial:) I'm sure I'll call myself on Monday to schedule something.

I spoke with a mom of a former student (who is also my sub while I'm on this leave) Her son had these silent seizures when he was about Ryder's age to. The 1st EEG didn't reveal anything. She kept pushing and told the doctors she KNEW he was having these seizures. She really got a run-around about getting another EEG--but once she did the doctors were shocked by how many seizures he was having, but didn't show on the 1st EEG. He was put on medicine for a year--no results. He was put on a diet that did help him. She is going to give me a book about the diet tomorrow. Something to look into---I know what works for 1 person doesn't always work for another. Any ideas??? I don't know to much about seizures.

I am so happy to be at home. I wouldn't have caught this if I was working!!!!

Nighty--nite---off to bed (at 5:30 heehee!)