Thursday, September 9, 2010

It was a GOOD day w/some GOOD news & help:)

Our insurance approved the testing Ryder needs next!!!!!! It was supposed to take about 8 weeks just from insurance company approval side (extremely expensive to run these test) but it only took 2 weeks (9 business days really) Thanks Blue Cross/Blue Shield!!!

I had an amazing experience today. My friend Brenda forwarded Ryder's blog and the story fell into the hands of a lady at Breast Cancer of America foundation. She was very touched by the story and offered to help by allowing us to "shop" at a wherehouse for people in need at no charge!!! My sister came with me. I got a car seat, video monitor, amazing stroller that will perfectly suit Ryder's needs well into the future, vitamins, hygene items, humitifiers, matress protectors and more!!!! I was so amazed and overwhelmed that there was a place like this that even existed:) I will definitly be volunteering and making items for this wherehouse in the future. I also learned a lot of helpful information from the lady (Wendy) that was helping me:)

Ryder had physical therapy and I also met with his case manager this afternoon. I am grateful for amazing people working with me to help Ryder:) We will be getting a speech/and food (eating) evaluation and hoping to get a vision therapist to come as well. I really like our team right now so I requested to stay with Rise until Ryder gets an official diagnosis. After that, we will most likely be switched to DDD. Being in the special education field for so long, I've learned that once you qualify for services, it's often hard to find providers...and good ones at that. It seems like case workers have way to many clients, are hard to reach and often don't stay long. I am so impressed with how personal my PT and case manager are and how helpful and reliable they have been. Getting services has been easy so far, leaving me more time to work with Ryder instead of research and advocating for him in that regaurd.

I need to contact the doctor tomorrow about the frequency Ryder is throwing up. It was brought to my attention that it could be something having to do with the swelling of his brain....which I didn't even think of. I will also set up a second opinion at Barrows hospital and track down all his records tomorrow. I need to get organized and have his files together to bring to everyone I see.