Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st

Today at work I received a call from the lab. I am expecting results from the 1st round of blood work any day so I braced myself for news. The lady started out by saying "Can I speak with a parent of Ryder Hauer" After I told her I was his mom she said "Unfortunately I am calling with bad news." Okay--I literally fell in my chair and my heart was racing! She proceeded to tell me there were errors on 3 of the blood samples taken. Happy and pissed that was the "bad news," I ended up bringing Ryder to get 4 more vials of blood drawn. I did have a small meltdown at school trying to figure out what to do with Tyler....thanks Sousa peeps for understanding I'm overwhelmed and an emotional wreck right now:) Since he hasn't been eating well and throwing up a lot, he was dehydrated so they had to prick him in each arm to get enough blood. I did mention how they shouldn't call a worried mother and begin the conversation saying they had bad news!!! I also politely told them I would drive the blood work down to the lab if they needed...but I expected a rush order. After I brought Ryder home I noticed fluid draining from his ear. I suspected a bursted ear drum since he had the same thing 3 months ago. I brought him to the pediatrician and that was confirmed, so he's on antibiotics. I feel HORRIBLE!!!!!! He has been fussy and tired, had a low grade temperature, not eating/drink well and throwing up a lot:( I thought it was teething and being pricked soo much:( I'll have to take off work tomorrow to stay with him and Friday is my last day. Everything is happening so fast and is soooo unexpected it’s still almost surreal at times. For the most part I'm done grieving and ready to fight for my baby. I WILL make every moment count and cherish him!!!!