Thursday, March 31, 2011

Carpet & "more"

Ryder LOVES the new carpet!!!! He has already taken 3 steps and walks around holding the wall and other objects/toys, which he has never done before. He loves to roll around and snuggle with the carpet and bear crawls too!!! We are so very grateful to the Anderson Family for this great blessing:)

I am watching a precious newborn girl for the next 2 months (2x a week). Today was our first day and boy was Ryder jealous!!!! Luckily he had therapies and lots of attention that he was at the center of:) He was sweet though. When the baby cried, he'd point and crawl to her until I held her and she stopped crying--then he was happy and went on with his playing:) He refused to take any naps with her in the house (he usually takes 3 naps a day still!). When she left at 4:30, Ryder crashed for several hours--it was sooo funny!!!

Ryder is signing more all the time now!!! He is starting to imitate some sounds. I am so excited for next week when he gets the tubes in his ears. I really think it will help with speech & having less ear infections. Hopefully it will help with his balance too--we'll see:)