Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Appointments today & More

Busy day..

1st a trip to a new eye doctor. He said Ryder has 20/40 vision (the best he could tell on an 18 mo old at least!) He has a stigmatism & nystagmus (which we knew). He thinks Ryder will probably be prescribed glasses on his next visit in July. I think he would look pretty stinkin cute in glasses---just not sure how you keep those on a baby?!

Next stop--hair cut!!! Oh My CUTENESS!!!!!!! I will post pictures! I want to eat him up:)

Then, off to the ENT. Ryder is scheduled to have tubes put in his ears on April 8th. One ear the dr. said was completely covered in hard earwax & couldn't see. The other eardrum was sunken in. He said it was like someone on an airplane's would be, but it doesn't "pop." With his repeated ear infections and this news, I think tubes will help a lot. Poor guy hears sounds that are muffled most of the time :( This just might improve his speech and following simple directions---we can only hope so:)

We should be having carpeting installed within the next week (or 2 at the most)!!!! THANKS SOOOO very much to the Anderson family who is helping us out with this!!!! I can't tell you how much of a blessing this is for us!!!! Ryder bumps his head on the concrete so much and gets bruises and his knees are so dry from it (not to mention how hard it is to clean!)

Uncle Eddie moved out this past weekend....YAY (for us--luv you brother!) Now all 5 of us aren't in 1 room sharing 1 closet--uugh! The boys have their own room now. I see sleep in my near future:)

We still have the GI appointment, Case Manager meeting and lab work (repeat) in the next few days.

Some fun news:
I emailed the United Leukodystrophy Foundation (ulf) several weeks ago regarding ribbons, symbols, shirts etc.. for leukodystrophy awareness. I haven't found a universal sign for leukodystrophy (since it is rare), but I want to spread awareness. When you see a pink ribbon- you think of Breast Cancer. When you see a puzzle piece- you think of Autism. There is currently nothing for leukodystrophy. Anyhow, I have designed a ribbon & picture for leukodystrophy. The president/founder of the ULF called me personally and is very interested in seeing my design:) Who knows...ya'll might be seeing it soon to spread awareness:)