Friday, July 1, 2011

In the hospital--but doing ok

I don't have much time...but have a lot of info to update so I'll just get right to it. Ryder has been having trouble w/constipation & difficulty swallowing. I thought his constipation had cleared up 2 weeks ago after a 3 day clean out w/miralax & sentrox...then miralax daily. I was wrong. He is still having daily, soft bm's, but he is very, very blocked up still and in pain having bm's. He went to have a swallow study done about 2 weeks ago as well. We had to thicken his liquids and give him even smaller bites of solid foods as a result of that visit. He hates the thickened liquids. He has barely gotten down 10 oz (if even) of fluid a day for several weeks now. I called the GI yesterday and also also talked to a nutritionist. They were very concerned about him and held a meeting to discuss a plan of action. In a few hours I was called back and told to pack our bags for at least 1-3 days and bring him to the hospital as soon as we could. Since no beds were available, we waited in triage last night until about 2am. Blood work & x-rays were done. We discovered he is still very constipated/blocked up. He has been getting rehydrate through IV.....luckily he wasn't to dehydrated and we caught this in time:) His blood work came back normal, so he is still getting adequate nutrition--as of now, but since he is such a picky eater, having trouble swallowing and hardly drinking anything, a feeding tube will be placed today. We are being trained how to insert it and manage that today. He is also getting flushed out...thank goodness! Les and I wish we where still in triage!! The budget cuts are sooo apparent in the hospital--very sad! We've had no pillows, a roach crawled across the floor and into/under my bag (uugh--made Les hunt it down), there isn't enough staff and just all around uncomfortable. Ryder refused to sleep in the crib so Les, Ryder and I all spent the night on a 3 seated couch. I had a migraine, but they couldn't give me Tylenol and the gift shop was closed!!!! Today is my birthday----I think I'm going to have a redo birthday next week;)
We are being called into training so wish us luck!