Friday, July 1, 2011

conti. is in

continued update.....
sorry..couldn't turn pic!
Well "training" meant I just jumped right in and put the tube in myself with supervision. As of now Ryder has a NG tube through his nose down into his stomach. I put the tube 34 cm down through his nose. I started crying after the 1st 10 cm with him screaming:( I was definitely traumatized doing that more than Ryder was! It was scary, but I needed to be able to do it so I can care for him at home. It was better that way so I don't stay up dreading the task all night! He will have a pump at night for fluids and I was given a stethoscope. I am getting a quick crash course before starting my nursing classes at least!  Anyways, Ryder seems to be adjusting to it so far. We will be in the hospital until Monday night. We are hoping he doesn't try pulling it out of his nose. If he does, we will need to get a GI tube through his stomach. I sent Les home to grab some pillows and stuff so at least we can be a little more comfortable! My cell phone is out of battery...Les will grab my charger too (if he remembers). I forgot to mention in the 1st update that Ryder has another ear infection also. His right ear is draining tons of puss..yucky. The doctor said that means the tubes are working at least.