Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not sure what is going on w/MRI??

I have a few quick updates:

1. Support the Journey Walkathon raised $1587!!!! Thank you so much for your support!!!

2.Ryder had a Mic-Key tube (GI-tube) placed last Monday (9/23). He is still sore, but slowly it seems to be healing. He isn't wanting to eat much lately, so we are relying on the tube more than we'd like to.

3. I got a confusing call from his neuro's nurse tonight. Ryder's MRI was on Sept. 16th. I haven't heard anything so I put in a few calls to his neuro the last couple days. The nurse called me around 5 tonight to let me know the neuro would be calling me w/in the hour and to expect his call on my cell. Then, an hour later she called me back and said that the doctor wants to consult with other specialist about his MRI because he doesn't agree with the report. hmmmmm--not sure what to think of this at all??!!!!! She said he will call me next week after Tuesday (when he can speak w/other specialists and compare w/previous MRI's). I am worried and trying to think of what is going on- but I know this won't help. I'll try to not think about it until next week I guess;(

Meanwhile---I will be keeping busy with nursing school. It is 10X harder than I thought it would be!!!!! Back to studying. I'll update you when I hear what is going on.