Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sad today about my little guy:(

I brought Ryder to the ENT for a follow-up exam from his ear infection. I also asked the doctor to conduct a hearing test per advice from the "sub" pediatrician (she said ears and eyes need to be followed with kiddos w/leukodystrophy). Ryders ear infection in his right ear has cleared up and looks normal. I was shocked to learn that Ryder has hearing loss in his left ear. His right ear has been having the recent infections, but his hearing seems fine in that ear. The procedure is being scheduled to put Ryder under anesthesia so that they can test for the percentage of hearing loss. A hearing aide may be in Ryder's near future. He will be getting glasses later this month as well.

I am concerned that Ryder will be under anesthesia 3 times within a month to month and a half. The doctors haven't shown any concern about this, but I am putting in calls to every doctor of Ryder's to see if I should be worried.

I also have been calling the pediatric surgeon because there still is not a scheduled date for his G.I. tube placement. He continues not to drink as much as he should and I am worried about dehydration again. I give up on the NG tube because he just pulls it out after one use. It is traumatic for us all to insert the tube especially when it is daily now.