Friday, June 8, 2012

Offers to help

Les and I are relieving each other every night at the hospital now-tonight is my night to relax. I caught up with some friends, watched a few DVR shows, saw all the FB comments/messages for my family:) & actually took a shower!!! Although this is a tough time, I am determined to keep living in the moment. (If I didn't -I'd be to depressed to function for all my kids). I will not ask the what -if's, but I'm going to stay on top of my boys needs-ALL 3 of them- & I can now, not being in school;) We have had a wonderful out pour wanting to help us. It's always tough to think about what we really need at the moment, but we will accept help. We love visitors @PCH (but need to contact us ahead of time depending on Ry's day), If you're up to doing something fun w/Ty & Noah--that would be wonderful (our AWESOME friends the Clayton's have kept them entertained at their house since Monday -& they are still there not wanting to come home!-although I'm glad to have their minds off of Ryder's illness now) Les and I haven't spent time together- so a date night w/babysitting would be amazing! We truly appreciate anything and everything--cards, FB comments, calls, visits--whatever. It makes us feel loved:) We will need a lot of financial support once again or if anyone has contacts to help us out with a wheelchair lift for our Pilot or any specialized swing/equipment/toys for Ry to gain back some strength. Special talents like photography (for Ry & family), swimming lessons for all the boys--anything to help through the summer would be appreciated. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone's offers & let you know we DO APPRECIATE your concern & love:)