Monday, July 2, 2012

Montana Mountain run: Message from Chad

I copied this message from Ryder's run event page for those of you without FaceBook :) This benefit trail ride is being held on Saturday September the 29th on the Montana Mountain trail near Superior, Az. The meeting location is the Desert Rat Truck and Offroad center at 4453 S. Rural rd in Tempe, south of the US 60 at 7AM; we will be departing for the trail at 9AM. There are no fees for participating in the trail ride. This is important for people to know given some rules regarding special events being held on the Tonto National Forest. There are 3 ways in which people can donate to the Hauer family. 1) I am in the process of opening a Wells Fargo account that people will be able to donate to at any Wells Fargo branch. I will post details as soon as they are are available. 2) People can make donations the day of the event. Or, 3) People can contribute by buying Ryder's Run stickers or through the silent auction being held the day of the event from 7AM to 830AM. If anyone would like to help with or donate to the silent auction, please contact me by messaging me (Chad Chaney). An offroad vehicle is not required however a 2wd vehicle in good running order with medium to high ground clearance is needed. For example, minivans and lower passenger car type vehicles are not recommended. Licensed and street legal side by sides, ATVs, motorcycles, and other offroad vehicles are certainly welcome. Participants should bring something for lunch. There is a big area on the top of Montana Mountain that is a nice place to stop for lunch. Also bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and cameras. This is a nice and scenic trail with plenty to see. I anticipate the trail ride itself will take 3 hours not including travel time from Desert Rat (approx 45 mins). If anyone has any other questions please let me know. Thank you, Chad. If you would like Chad's # let me know.