Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wonderful to be discharged!!!Not so wonderful to be readmitted already:(

We had a great day and a half at home with Ryder before we had to bring him back into the hospital. He was admitted again for vomiting and retching 20+ times on Saturday. He was lethargic and grinding his teeth all day too. He received labs & an x-ray. The x-ray results came back today showing the J part of his GJ tube was out of place. Luckily, it was fixed today. Normally they don't do these procedures on the weekend. The doctor told me the J tube (that's usually in his small intestines) had dislodged and went all the way up his esophagus and almost out through his mouth!!! So his esophagus is all torn up from the tube & violent vomiting & retching. His GJ tube was too small, tight and short for him (J potion put in only 3 or 4 weeks ago?!!) which caused ulcers. My poor baby seems mad at the world right now. He won't even look at me :( For all that know him-- that is so very unusual. I guess I'd not be in a good mood either if I was him :( I'm also worried now that if his J tube was up that high and they gave him his meds through it that he could have aspirated all of them--hence the fever and possible pneumonia? Hopefully I'm over thinking and he just has a stomach bug though. Never a dull moment for us!!